Dunn's Marsh Designs

A subsidiary of the Blue Barn Farm

Dunn's Marsh has website design services available for animal related personal pages, businesses and services including procurring a web site host, web page development, and graphics for your site. Your site will be designed to your specifications (text, photos, colors, layout, etc.). We usually can get your web site done in 1 to 2 weeks once we have all materials from you. I have a high quality scanner for scanning your photos/pedigrees and can also upload photos from your digital camera smart card directly onto my computer for use on your web site or you can e-mail me your photos, pedigrees and text.

Having trouble getting updates made to your current web site?? Paying too much? We also can do the maintenance/updating of your current web page in a timely manner for a very reasonable price.

Portfolio of some of the past and present web sites we have designed.

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