Jazz's 2009 Litter

collage of yellow lab pups born 7/12/09

Our Jazz (Dunn's Marsh All That Jazz JH, RAE, NA, WC) was bred to Strider (CH Topform's I'm Steppin' Out CDX, RAE, NA, NAJ).

She had three yellow pups (2 females, 1 male) who were born on 7/12/09 (sadly the other three in the litter were stillborn, the heartbreak of breeding dogs). We have left their photos up so you can see what our pups typically look like as they grow up. These puppies are now 11 months old and are in loving homes.

Jazz (left) and Strider (right)

3 yellow pups
Pups posing together at almost 8 weeks.

Litter pedigree.

Company is important for pups to be well socialized

male pup being held
The male puppy making a new friend at age 6 weeks.

Puppy Photos at 3 Weeks

pups on 8/3/09

yellow male  yellow male
Mr. Red

yellow female purple collar  yellow female pink
Miss Purple (L) and Miss Pink

Puppy Photos at 4 Weeks

pups playing   pups sleeping

Puppy Photos at 5 Weeks

girls 5 wks yellow boy 5 wks pink collar girl 5 wks purple collar girl 5 wks

Puppy Photos at 6 Weeks

yellow girl 6 wks yellow girl 6wks yellow boy 6 wks

pups in outside pet
Puppies really enjoy their outside time. These were not as innocent as they look. They were really in the process of digging a hole to China when we weren't watching!

Puppy Photos at 7 Weeks

yellow girl 7 wks yellow girl 7 wks
Miss Pink (left). Miss Purple (right).
yellow boy 7 wks
Mr. Red.

Puppy Photos at 8 Weeks

Miss Pink, yellow girl 8 wks River, yellow girl 8 wks
Miss Pink, now called "Avi" (left). Miss Purple, now called "River" (right).
yellow boy 8 wks
Mr. Red, now called "Gunner".

Avi, yellow girl 8 wks
Avi going home with her new family on 9/7/09.

River and Gunner 8 wks
River and Gunner hanging out 9/11/09. River lives with us. She has started obedience, agility and field training and is a quick learner. Gunner is now living in a wonderful home in Ohio and trains with his "Uncle Caleb" (Jazz's brother) at Papp's Dog Training. He already has his Rally Novice title and is qualified for the All Star Obedience tournament in Rally at age 10 months.

Please note we do NOT sell puppies over the internet. We only have occasional litters and prospective owners are interviewed and references are requested. We care about the homes our puppies go to so we prefer to meet you in person to make sure you are a right match for any available puppies. We only place puppies with those who can commit to having a dog for up to 14 or 15 years since we have good longevity in our blood lines. We do understand that life circumstances can change and in that rare case where a family had to give up a puppy we have placed, that dog would come back to us no matter what age (this has happened only twice in over 20 years).

Contact deb @dunnsmarshlabs.com for more info on our dogs.

Here is a recap from our 2/05 litter that we have left up so others can see the work and loving care that goes into raising a litter of puppies at our house. Each litter is raised in a similar manner to the one followed in this diary. We hope that sharing some of our experiences with raising a litter will be informative to those thinking of purchasing a Lab puppy in the future or possibly breeding their Labrador Retriever.