Training Programs at Dale Creek Gundogs

Tom in the field

We will be offering two weekend long training seminars in 2009. A Pointing Dog Seminar will be held March 27, 28 and 29th and a Retriever Seminar will be held June 26, 27 and 28th. Download a flyer for more information.

At Dale Creek Gundogs our goal is to produce a well-rounded, quality gundog that has been exposed to many real life hunting situations. This ensures that the owner and his/her dog will have a successful working relationship.


We offer all breed training -- pointers, retrievers and spaniels, etc.
Variety of game bird species available for training -- quail, chuckar, pheasant, Hungarian partridge, pigeons and ducks
Successful and humane training is individually designed for each dog
Hunt Tests -- retrievers, pointers, spaniels
Field Trials -- pointers (walking, horseback, cover trials)

Tom and dogs


assessment and consultation
learning and use of electronics in training
force fetching
correction of problem behaviors
basic obedience training
guiding for waterfowl and upland birds
breeding American Water Spaniels, English Pointers and English Setters
Presenter of seminars and demonstrations on dog training as well as other topics
Featured in numerous articles in the Outdoor Section of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


$140/week plus birds
Individual session (one on one) $45/hour plus birds

Contact Tom for further information.