Written In Memory of Lily 2/23/00 - 3/18/06

There once was a special little pug. Her family didn't even know how special she was when they picked her out. They just wanted a pug and had waited until a reputable breeder had one for them. They, especially their daughter, were so excited when they got that call. The special little pug was named Lily and as the days went by she became a piece of each of their hearts.

Each family member had special time with Lily and even though they had other dogs, she was just "special". Lily grew and their love for her grew. The daughter showed her a bit and she had a couple of wins in the show ring. The mother started playing with her in agility. And then one day Lily injured her eye in an unknown manner. Treatment was obtained but didn't work, the eye would have to come out, many tears were shed but Lily told her family that it didn't matter, she was loved and she would be fine. The mother found out that Lily could still compete in agility so took her back to lessons. It was a little rough at first but soon she was zooming through tunnels and climbing up the "mountain" as she called the a-frame. She started competing and at one point the mountain got the best of her but with careful and loving retraining she conquered that mountain again and went back to win more ribbons.

And then came the morning of 3/16. The Special, Beloved Pug started having breathing problems. Her human mother called in sick to work and as the morning went on she knew she had to take her Lily to the vet. An x-ray exposed a problem that somehow the special pug had not let her family know that she had, a collapsing trachea. She was taken to the vet school where help might be found. Tests were run and surgery was tried. Things were looking a bit better until the call came the morning of 3/18 that she was in oxygen and not breathing well.

The family went to visit their brave, special pug right away. She perked up when she saw them but began coughing again. Each breath was a struggle for her even in oxygen. The family held and kissed her and loved her. The vets repeated x-rays, no improvement. With many tears the family sent their brave, special, beloved Lily through her last tunnel. Go tunnel Lily, hurry, run, run, run..... we love you so much.