Puppy Class:

This class is for all dogs between the ages of 12 weeks to 6 months. Socialization and learning theory will be the focus of this class. These puppies will learn to socialize with others, sit, come when called and walk on a loose leash. Grooming, kenneling, feeding and potty training will also be discussed.
7 Week Class / $100.00

Beginning Obedience:

This class is for all dogs over the age of 6 months with no formal obedience training. In this class dogs will learn to sit, come when called, down, off, leave it and walk in heel position. Feeding and grooming will also be discussed. This class may be repeated as needed.
7 Week Class / $100.00

Competitive Obedience:

This class is for all students that would like to go beyond basic obedience. For more information regarding this class, please call (920)488.2287.
$5.00 Per Night

Novice Ring Ready:

This class will prepare the future obedience competitor for the ring. We will go over the obedience rules, ring procedures and prepare you for competing in pre-novice/novice obedience.
7 Week Class / $100.00

Rally Obedience:

Rally Obedience is a relatively new AKC offering which offers the fun of working as a team with your dog in a more relaxed ring environment while following the signs to different stations where you perform the exercises listed on a sign at each station. In rally you can talk to your dog, use signals/hand gestures with verbal commands and encourage your dog.
7 Week Class / $100.00

CGC & Beyond:

This class will prepare you for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC). This test will be offered the last night of class.
7 Week Class / $100.00

Mat Time:

This time is designed for anyone that is currently competing or getting ready to enter the ring in either Obedience or Agility. Please call to reserve your date and time. All necessary equipment is available for use.
$10.00 per person/per hour

Private Session:

This is a one on one training for either obedience or agility that can be scheduled any day of the week. Charge for a private session is $30.00 per hour.

Intro to Agility:

This class will be for all dogs and their companions that would like to know more about the sport of Agility. Candidates for this class should be at least 6 months of age and have completed a beginning obedience class. Obstacles will be introduced during this session.
7 Week Class / $120.00

Agility 101 & 102:

This class is for all students that would like to continue with the sport of Agility. Sequencing, contact control, lead-outs, and sending will be the focus of this class. Prerequisite: Intro to Agility or equivalent.
7 Week Class / $120.00


(920) 488-2287